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Made in Canada
39th Canada's Top Growing Company
5th company in the ranking
4.9 Avg. Verified Reviews
#1 Certified ISO Medical Antimicrobial Foam

Our Unique Formula Makes all The Difference

At Polysleep, we know that the secret to a good night's sleep lies in the quality of the mattress. That's why we pay meticulous attention to detail and use the latest technological advancements. As a result, all our mattresses feature the following technologies:


Helps reduce the growth of bacteria. Ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Hybrid Foam

Breathable foam that identifies pressure points and adapts the firmness.

Removable and Liquid Repellent Cover

Easy to clean cover that provides protection against liquid damage.

Foam Base

Brings even more support and increases your memory foam mattress’ lifespan.

6000+ 5-star reviews from dreamers just like you

What sleep experts are saying

Polysleep offers, bar none, the most exceptional value based on the cost of a quality mattress available in Canada.

Honest Mattress Reviews

We loved the liquid repellant cover and the cool, comfortable support of the Polysleep Mattress.

Mattress Junkie

If you are looking for a reactive foam mattress that sleeps relatively cool, has antimicrobial properties and a spill-resistant cover this is the mattress for you.

Sleep Sherpa

Lying on my back near the edge of the bed, I felt about as supported as I did in the center!


9.2 out of 10 - Amazing!
Enhanced edge support and motion control should be of great benefit to couples and co-sleepers. A medium to medium-firm feel should create a comfortable sleeping experience to people of all position preferences.

Sleep Advisor

One notable advantage of the Polysleep Mattress is better-than-average edge support. Other benefits include great motion isolation and no noise when bearing weight.


Who Knew Mattress Shopping Could Be So Easy?

Proudly Made in North America

At Polysleep, we are proud to offer our customers mattresses made entirely in Canada. By producing locally, this allows us to work closely with our manufacturer & develop the best quality products for you possible.

Made in Canada, eh!
Free Shipping & Easy Returns

We've made buying a mattress online easy! Enjoy free shipping & delivery directly to your door. Try it for 100 nights risk-free in the comfort of your home.

If it isn't a fit, no hard feelings! We'll pick it up & donate it to a local charity.

Complete peace of mind!

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