Comparing Mattress Brands: Polysleep VS Casper
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Comparing Mattress Brands: Polysleep VS Casper


Comparing Mattress Brands: Polysleep VS Casper

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Remember the time when shopping for a mattress and carrying it home was a huge ordeal? Nowadays, thanks to mattress brands sold online, purchasing a high-quality mattress with a long list of benefits is only a few clicks away!

For many people like yourself, buying a new mattress is a significant investment in both time and money.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we took the time to conduct a comprehensive and objective comparison between our Polysleep mattress and the Casper mattress. We hope this will help you make a better choice!

The Support Test

Casper manufactures a mattress that provides sleepers with a contouring sensation. We found that when compared to Polysleep, Casper offered less support. When you sit on the edge of the Casper, the edge entirely compresses, sinking in on itself. In fact, the same thing happens when you stand in the middle, or even lie on your side.

On the other hand, our Polysleep mattress offers the best contouring support of all mattresses on the market. With only a 1.5-inch comfort layer, the Casper mattress simply cannot provide adequate support. The sinking effect becomes even more obvious for heavy-set people.


The Importance of Adapted Support

It’s important to understand that indentation hardness is directly correlated to mattress firmness. A higher indentation hardness means that the mattress is firmer, providing a greater degree of support.

The top mattress layer should not have a high indentation hardness since its purpose is to provide comfort and coolness and facilitate the ease of movement, as shown in the video (see link provided above). While the second and third layers of the Casper provide an indentation hardness between 13 and 15, the Polysleep provides twice the support with an indentation hardness of 30.


Comfort and Quality

The top layers of the Polysleep are three inches deep while the Casper only has a 1.5-inch deep top layer. This is another reason why the Polysleep provides greater sleep comfortable. We have the test results to prove it!

In fact, the top layer of a mattress should ideally be at least two inches thick to ensure you don’t feel the lower layers. Below you will find the anatomy of the Casper to help you better understand the differences between the mattresses and make the right choice:

  • Comfort open cell foam: 1½ inches
  • Shape memory foam: 1½ inches
  • Adaptive transition foam: 1½ inches
  • Durable support foam: 5½ inches

It is also important to mention that the use of hybrid foam in the Polysleep makes the mattress unique in the category. Our viscoelastic foam has the same properties as high-quality memory foam. In just seconds, the viscoelastic foam identifies your pressure points, reduces the temperature and firmness around these points, and perfectly contours to your body for the perfect night’s sleep!

In addition to the liquid repellent layer that makes accidents easy to clean up, it is also has an antimicrobial finish and prevents bacteria from building up so you can enjoy a healthy night’s sleep. Finally, the lower mesh layer makes the foam more breathable, cooler and comfortable.


Pay Less for More!

A very important consideration is price! Why would you pay more for less? While Casper comes with a bigger price tag, the quality, materials and craftsmanship of the Polysleep are far superior.

A queen size Polysleep retails at $850 while the Casper will cost you $1375. When you choose Polysleep, enjoying many restful night’s sleeps ever after for less isn’t just a dream, but a reality.



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