Sleep and Dream: 5 Reasons for Lucid Dream
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Sleep and Dream: 5 Reasons for Lucid Dream


Sleep and Dream: 5 Reasons for Lucid Dream

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After a long day, when the day finally comes to its end, you get the chance to give your mind and body rest. Sleep takes all your tiredness away with it. Here is a fun fact, at night, the pineal gland triggers the release of the chemical melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy, and hence, you can have a good rest. Sleep and dream can be considered one of the best pairs. Sometimes this pair gives you a delighted time, and sometimes it just makes you want to scream.

Sleep plays an important in maintaining your physical health, but it can also be dangerous to you sometimes. If you have continuous sleep deficiency, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, etc.

Sometimes, dreams can be sweet and delightful, making you have a good sleep. Sometimes these dreams can give you a fear of even sleeping because they can become so terrifying, and people develop a fear of sleeping, thinking they will watch something terrifying in their dream if they sleep.

There is a type of dream called "Lucid Dream" that makes a person aware that they are dreaming, and sometimes the person can control the characters and the story in their dream. There are no valid reasons for lucid dreams, but some researchers say it may be because of REM sleep. Let us state down some possible reasons found online which cause a lucid dream to happen.


Reasons for Lucid Dream:

Following are the reasons for a Lucid Dream:


1. Overcoming Fears:

Sometimes, when people dream of something horrible, they become afraid to sleep again, thinking they will get the same dream again. This can cause insomnia and sleep deficiency. Real-life might be bad for some people. Some people want to control their own life but fail to do so. If your fear develops lucid dreams, you will see you can now control your life like you want, giving you a sense of power and overcoming fears. Hence, overcoming fears explains why it is one of the reasons for lucid dreams.


2. Wish Fulfillment:

Living a tough life will not always fulfill your wish. People get tired of living a tough life, staying in desperation for the wants of needs that they want to have in their life. It is not easy to fight your battle alone and work to fulfill your wishes.

The desperation of needs and want your wishes to be fulfilled makes you stubborn to develop lucid dreams. Since in lucid dreams you can control your life, you can fulfill your wishes, thinking that if you cannot have that specific thing in your life, you will at least have it in your dream. This can either makes a person lazy wanting to keep sleeping or make a person bold to take the right decisions now to fulfill their dreams since they have already seen what move can cause what in return, so they will be smart to make decisions for their life.


3. To get healing:

Some people feel the healing while they have a lucid dream. This may sound weird to some people, but it is true. When something or someone gives you a sense of protection, you want to keep rooting towards it. Some people find healing in a lucid dream, which triggers to keep happening repeatedly.


4. REM Sleep:

REM sleep also seems like a reason behind lucid dreams. It is a kind of sleep disorder. The REM stands for rapid eye movement. This REM sleep is caused due to your eyes moving around rapidly in different directions without letting your brain receive any visual information. It usually occurs after about one and a half hours of sleep and can increase your heart rate and breathing. Your brain is more active during REM sleep, giving you a lucid dream.


5. Narcolepsy:

Narcolepsy is another chronic sleep disorder that disturbs your efficiency to wake up and even to sleep. Researchers say that people suffering from narcolepsy are more likely to experience a lucid dream. This is usually characterized by excessive sleepiness.


What Lucid Dreams can Result in?


Lucid dreams are not a wonderful experience for some people. This can trigger your sleep quantity and quality. Because of a lucid dream, you cannot sleep back again once you wake up because of it.

It can cause hallucinations to happen. Hallucination is a terrifying sensory experience that seems real but is not. It frustrates you because when you tell someone what you see, but they do not see it, they can think of you as paranoid and call you a liar. It is hard to accept that a person has developed a disorder of hallucination and the process for recovery is often very hard.


Other than the above factors, you can also get confused about most things. It becomes hard for you even to understand simple things, hence keeping you in confusion most of the time.

We have talked about sleep and dream and five reasons for a lucid dream. We have seen the reasons behind the lucid dream and its harmful effects. Some people purposefully get a lucid dream, but it is not worth giving up on your sleep and getting a lucid dream just because you can control your story in your dream. Lucid dreams can bring nothing good to you, so if you frequently get such dreams, you need to consult your doctor and read online what measures you can take for better sleep.




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