The Douglas Mattress vs the Polysleep Mattress
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The Douglas Mattress vs the Polysleep Mattress


The Douglas Mattress vs the Polysleep Mattress

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Douglas Mattress vs Polysleep Mattress


Do you think the Douglas foam mattress is the best mattress in a box for sale in Canada? It's because you’re not yet familiar with Polysleep mattresses! Offering numerous features unique in the industry, our foam mattresses, also 100% made in Canada, allow you to finally enjoy the restful sleep you deserve.

For you to make an informed choice, here is a comparison between the Polysleep mattress and the Douglas mattress: solely based on facts!

Composition of the Douglas Mattress

Made of 3 layers of foam—a 2-inch gel-infused foam layer, a 2-inch layer of Elastex foam and a 6-inch foam support base—it’s completed with a non-waterproof cover. The foam density is of respectively 2.5, 1.8 and 1.8 lb/ft3 for these various layers.

Composition of the Polysleep Mattress

The Polysleep mattress is built from 3 layers: a base that acts as a boxspring (density of 3.0 lb/ft3), a transition layer offering optimal support (density of 1.8 lb/ ft3), a layer of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam (density 1.8 lb/ ft3), which moulds itself to your body and allows for better air circulation.

However, the Polysleep mattress offers exclusive functionalities not provided by Douglas. Indeed, the Polysleep mattress, contrarily to the Douglas mattress, offers a built-in proprietary foam support frame, unique in the industry, preventing the sides of the mattress from flattening out.

Additionally, the soft cover is liquid-proof, unlike the Douglas mattress which, while washable, doesn’t prevent liquids from penetrating it.

A scientific study carried out by Rus-Tec Engineering Ltd. in December 2018 moreover proved Polysleep’s superiority in regard to mattress edge support. Polysleep has obtained a rating of 9.6/10, as opposed to Douglas that only got 7.9/10 following the test. Polysleep’s rating is the highest among the 50 brands of mattress tested during the study. Read the study

And what about pillows?

In addition to its Douglas foam mattresses, the manufacturer also proposes ultra-breathable popcorn-cut memory foam pillows. Although comfortable, these pillows don’t offer size nor firmness adjustments. Which makes it difficult to adapt them to your own sleeping needs.

The Polysleep pillow also uses the same hybrid memory foam contained in its mattresses, and what is more, they are 100% adjustable! Our pillows are made with 4 removable foam layers of different sizes; so you can add or remove them, leave them flat or even roll them… Sky is the limit!

This functionality allows each sleeper to adjust their pillow according to their preference.

Before purchasing a Douglas mattress online, take the time to closely look at all the advantages offered by Polysleep, and you will realize that our product is a step ahead of the competition in terms of value for money!


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