Come and try the Polysleep mattress by visiting the best mattress store in Edmonton. The best Canadian mattress is available at the store Henry's at an unbeatable price.

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Henry's Interiors in Edmonton welcomes you to our beautiful furniture store to experience the best 100% Canadian mattress.



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The Effective Solution for Improved Sleep


The famous Polysleep Mattress is available exclusively at your Edmonton mattress store. Composed of several layers of premium foam, this mattress has been designed to offer optimal comfort and support to the body

Designed in Montreal by our sleep craftsmen, it offers a deep and restful sleep. It provides everything your back needs to rest easy! 



A Comfortable Mattress for All Sleepers


What makes the Polysleep Mattress unique? A 100% Canadian creation, our mattress is designed with the highest quality materials to offer an optimal sleep experience. 

Made of antimicrobial memory foam, it is designed to reduce the risk of allergies and maintain its shape and firmness over time. The overlapping layers of foam allow it to fit your back perfectly. The spine will remain straight throughout the night, no matter what your sleep position is!

Moreover, with its washable cover protected against liquids, the Polysleep Mattress can resist any little accidents!



Treat Yourself to Peaceful Nights


Sleeping together is also smoother with Polysleep! Its viscoelastic hybrid foam layer is designed to reduce motion transfer during sleep.

In addition, its open cells allow the mattress to breathe, while relieving pressure points on the body.

Finally, thanks to its integrated support frame, it revolutionizes the foam mattress! The edges of the mattress are reinforced with a layer of high-density foam. It supports the sleeper in both sitting and lying positions.



Your Premium Mattress Store in Edmonton


Have we piqued your curiosity? Come try our mattresses in a box for yourself! 

Located in the heart of Edmonton, Henry's Interiors doors are open so you can experience the quality of the Polysleep Mattress yourself. In an elegant and warm atmosphere, the store offers a wide selection of interior products, including our mattress of choice.

Take the time to feel its firmness, comfort and softness. Satisfaction guaranteed! 



About Henry's Interiors


Serving Edmonton and surrounding areas, Henry's Purveyor of Fine Things offers an eclectic range of furniture and home decor items, from contemporary to classics. 

Enjoy their expertise in interior design and knowledge of feng shui to help design your room!  

The brand believes that there should be a fusion of look with guaranteed lasting style for years to come. Independently owned and operated, Henry's embodies the essence of #ShopLocal. They are committed to providing unique, quality products and invaluable services. In addition, they continually support other local businesses in their community.

Come and visit this Mattress Store in Edmonton to see it for yourself!



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