Canadian-Made Mattress

What Does It Mean
to Be Canadian?

To us, it isn't just flannel, hockey, and maple syrup, we know being Canadian means so much more. We survive extreme climates together, understand what hard work means, and a lot of us come from other parts of the world for a better life.

Being Canadian is banding together during hard times, andusually saying sorry too often.Why? Because we care about each other.We strive for equality, and embrace diversity. We'll always help to push your car out of a snowbank, but will never back down or be bullied. We're all The True North, strong and free.

Our Team

Equality and diversity are at the core of our values.

At Polysleep, we've come together from different parts of the world to draw on the diversity of our talents.

Keeping It Local

Bonjour/Hi! Here at Polysleep, we're proud to offer real Canadian-made mattresses. Because, yes, all our hybrid memory foam mattresses are made here, in Montreal, Canada.

We work with local businesses that employ local workers, ensuring you receive the best Canadian products while supporting the local economy.

It also reduces our carbon footprint, minimizing the transportation steps required to deliver the mattress in a box to your home.

Helping Local Businesses Grow

We believe there's an imbalance between retail and e-commerce, so we're changing that & bridging the gap.

By collaborating with a network of independent mattress stores across Canada, you can try our products in person. This gives more local and international visibility to these businesses.

It's a win-win.

Better Quality, Better Price

By cutting out the middle man, we can spend more money on development. The result? A better quality Canadian-made mattress, at a better price for our customers.

Because every Canadian deserves to sleep well

We believe that a bed can help make a difference, and help people in tough situations have a new start.

For every 10 mattresses sold, 1 mattress is given to a Canadian in need.

The Polysleep Mattress

Experience the ultimate experience in rest and recovery, with the best mattress Canada ever made.

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