Come and try the Polysleep mattress by visiting the best mattress store in Surrey. The best Canadian mattress is available at the store Mason at an unbeatable price.


Mattress Store in Surrey


Trying to find the right mattress store in Surrey?


Come and try the Polysleep hybrid memory foam mattresses by visiting Mason’s Cloverdale Home Furnishing


Mattress store Surrey

Test in Real Life, Buy Online

Since our Polysleep Mattresses are available in the store for tryouts, we can say without any bias that Mason CHF’s is the best mattress store in Surrey!.. But joking aside, this place is great.


If you didn’t know, at Polysleep, we sell our memory foam mattresses exclusively online. This allows us to offer you a high-end and entirely Canadian-made product at a fraction of the price you would pay at WR Mattress Gallery or any other local mattress retailer in Surrey. 


But as our Showcase Partner, Mason's Cloverdale Home Furnishings in Surrey enables you to try our mattresses before ordering. So, try one of our high-end mattresses in real life, buy online and get it delivered to your door.


Isn’t that a great way to experience the best mattress ever created?


A few words about Mason's Cloverdale Home Furnishings

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOUR FAMILY SINCE 1974! Mason’s Home Furnishing has been family owned and operated for 43 years in Historic Downtown Cloverdale BC (Since 1974).

As of the fall of 2015 the helm has been handed to Derek Mason. Still family owned and operated and now in our third generation of the Mason family. You can always rely on quality products, professional service and significant savings when shopping at Mason’s to complete your interior design dream. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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