The Ikea foam mattress vs the Polysleep mattress
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The Ikea foam mattress vs the Polysleep mattress


The Ikea foam mattress vs the Polysleep mattress

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Ikea Foam mattresses vs Polysleep mattress


Foam mattress manufacturers are more and more numerous, and the range of prices varies from “not very expensive” to “I’ll need a 2nd mortgage”. But is the value for money always there? Unfortunately, no. This is why it’s important to shop carefully to find the product that will fulfill your expectations. To help you make an informed choice, we have compared the Ikea foam mattress with our Polysleep mattress. Basing our analysis only on concrete aspects, you’ll realize that our product is the mattress in a box that offers more advantages!


The Ikea mattress

Ikea is renowned for its innovative products, their assembly as well as its good value for money. Ikea foldable foam mattresses, available in several models of various brands, can be directly bought at the store; it's also possible to order your mattress online, but if you opt for home delivery, the fees charged can climb swiftly depending on where you live.


Ikea mattress features

Ikea foam mattresses are made of a polyester padding, viscoelastic polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam, as well as a polypropylene fabric cover. Some also feature a foam and gel layer. You’ll find foam layer and a flexible covering layer, for a total thickness that varies between 18 and 28 cm depending on the mattress.


Drawbacks of Ikea foam mattresses

The Ikea website mentions that while Ikea mattresses are usable upon receipt, they require about 72 hours to return to their original shape… You’ll hence have to wait 3 days to get the real feel of your mattress! In addition, Ikea indicates that their mattresses have a slight odor that will disappear progressively with time.


The Polysleep mattress is made in Canada

All our Polysleep mattresses have a 10-inch thickness, namely 25.4 cm; so you won’t have to puzzle out which thickness you should get! Also, they contain several layers of foam—and no polyester or other material: a base layer that acts as a boxspring, a transition layer for support, a top layer of viscoelastic hybrid foam. The Polysleep mattress also provides an extra-firm anti-flattening frame, unique on the market, as well as a liquid repellent cover. A set of features not found in an Ikea mattress!


And even more positive points for the Polysleep mattress!

A trial period of 100 nights, immediate return to its original shape after being unpacked, no chemical product (so no smell), certified CertiPUR-US foam, fast and free delivery… the advantages are numerous in our favor! You’ll see, trying a Polysleep foam mattress will transform these bad nights into a distant memory…!


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