Memory Foam Vs Hybrid: Which One Is Better?
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Memory Foam Vs Hybrid: Which One Is Better?


Memory Foam Vs Hybrid: Which One Is Better?

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Memory foam vs hybrid, have you ever entered the debate? Everyone needs sleep, that’s a fact. But there’s a major difference between a good night’s rest and a bad one, and most of the time, it’s the mattress’ fault.

The difference between a good mattress and a bad mattress is that a good mattress is always comfortable. A good mattress provides the proper support to allow you to experience the best sleep. Frequently, we underestimate the impact that a lack of support from our mattress might have on our health and on our daily routine.

In the debate of memory foam vs hybrid, here are a few arguments that might just tip the balance in favor of memory foam.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid: Common Health Problems

The most common problems related to a lack of support from a mattress during the night are the following:

  • back pain,
  • posture problems
  • muscle soreness

Did you know, according to Statistics Canada, that over 70% of people will suffer from back pain during their life? Moreover, according to this study, 40% of those people will see their day to day life negatively impacted by this issue. One of the main reason that can explain why we suffer from back pain is undoubtedly linked to the mattress firmness and quality.

Firm or Soft?

A sleeping surface that doesn’t provide the right support tends to lead us to bad positioning during our sleep. If the mattress is too soft, it can cause too much twist on your spine, your head or even your pelvis, leading you to feel pain or develop other problems. On the other side of the spectrum, if the mattress is too firm, pressure points will be created and will disturb your sleep.

For these reasons, it is important to choose the right mattress that will provide you with the right amount of support. This is one of the argument tipping favorably for memory foam in the memory foam vs hybrid debate. Memory foam tends to snuggle around your body and offers you the support you need, while coils can only do so much when it comes to support.

Let’s dig deeper into the memory foam vs hybrid by defining the major differences between the two.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid: The Fundamental Differences

Memory foam vs hybrid, it’s time to figure out which is better for good. As mentioned earlier, memory foam offers the right support. No matter what position you adopt, it is made to mold around your form and offer a maximum of support to your body. 

When it comes to coil mattresses, the coil can get used after a couple of years and they lose their ability to support you properly. It is evident that when it comes to support, it’s memory foam that wins. But what about other points?

Here are some other advantages memory foam possess that hybrid doesn’t :

  • Durability: it is not even a question in that debate because it has long been proven that memory foam mattresses are far more resilient than hybrids. The coils get used and within 4-5 years, your mattress has lost most of its initial comfort. Meanwhile, most memory foam mattresses can last up to 10 years.
  • Bed sharing advantages: Memory foam all the way. If you sleep with someone else on a coil mattress, you will feel them move or hear the coils wince after a few years. With memory foam, there is no motion transfer.
  • Allergens: What allergen? Memory foam wins again. Memory foam is made of viscoelastic foam, which allows the mattress to breathe. Not only are most memory foam bed hypoallergenic but most of them are also resistant to airborne allergens.

So, have you taken a position in the memory foam vs hybrid debate? We sure did!


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