Top 10 Hacks to Get Rid of Mattress Topper Smell
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Top 10 Hacks to Get Rid of Mattress Topper Smell


Top 10 Hacks to Get Rid of Mattress Topper Smell

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Whether you’re looking to break in a brand-new mattress topper or simply performing a deep spring cleaning, the odor emanating from your bed may raise some justifiable questions. New memory foam or even hybrid mattress toppers have a tendency to off-gas when they are first removed from the packaging. 

While this scent can be less than inviting at first, it is ultimately harmless and does not affect the efficacy of your dreamy new memory foam mattress topper. 

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Why Does My Mattress Topper Smell?

Memory foam and hybrid mattress toppers are created with compounds like polyurethane and flame retardants, which can build up when the topper is rolled up and sealed in packaging. These odors are a completely normal part of the production process, and they fade with time and exposure to fresh air. 


What is Mattress Off-Gassing?

Mattress and mattress topper off-gassing is the natural process during which gases are released from the new product upon removal from the packaging. These are primarily composed of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which do present an odor. This odor does fade with time, and typically does so within a week or less.

Purchasing a memory foam mattress from a reputable, high-quality vendor ensures that the product comes with the appropriate certifications to ensure the mattress is made of nontoxic materials. While the smell from a brand new mattress topper can be unpleasant for some, it is neither toxic nor dangerous and is a natural part of the manufacturing process. 

While it is uncommon, some folks do experience the following after opening their new mattress topper:

  • Nausea
  • Throat and eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Asthma

For the vast majority of new mattress owners, however, the mattress off-gassing process yields no negative side effects. For those who are particularly sensitive to the scent emitting from a new mattress topper, giving it time and space to air out completely before sleeping on it will help to eliminate the possibility of experiencing negative effects.

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What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

Volatile organic compounds are not as unfamiliar as you might think. If you’ve ever smelled freshly drying paint or the scent of a new car, you’ve experienced the odor of off-gassing products. Some common VOCs that may emit from your mattress topper include:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  • Toluene
  • Methylene chloride
  • Formaldehyde
  • Naphthalene
  • Perfluorocarbons
  • Benzene

Exposing these gasses to circulating air causes them to disperse more rapidly. Opening a window or placing a fan in your room can help to move any VOCs away from your new mattress topper!

How to Get Rid of Mattress Topper Smell

Getting a new mattress or mattress topper is exciting: the promise of improved nights and better sleep is enticing indeed. This feeling can be somewhat dampened by the off-gassing period, during which new mattress owners remove the product from its packaging and allow it to air out before use. The good news is, there are several ways to speed up this process and enjoy using your new mattress topper sooner! Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of new mattress topper smell:


1. Air the mattress topper out.

Perhaps the most powerful tool you have against off-gassing is giving the mattress time to breathe outside of its packaging. Remove any plastic from around the product and place it outside for several hours if the weather is sunny and dry. If inclement weather prohibits this step, try standing your mattress topper up against a wall in a well-ventilated room. Leave any ceiling fans running for optimal aeration, or use a standing fan if you have one. Left to its own devices, a new mattress topper will typically finish off-gassing in three to five days.


2. Select certified CertiPUR-US grade foam.

Choosing a mattress or mattress topper with this credential offers the consumer peace of mind that their purchase comes with transparency of exactly what chemicals it contains. The CertiPUR-US® program is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure low VOC emission at less than 0.5 parts per million. Accredited products like this are typically made with higher quality components like polyurethane or viscoelastic hybrid foam, so you can sleep easier at night (literally) knowing your new mattress is made using nontoxic materials.

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3. Mask the odor with scents.

Try placing air fresheners within the room, or mixing essential oils and water in a spray bottle and spritzing over the surface of the mattress.


4. Change the bed sheet.

If you sleep on your mattress topper the first night after receiving it, be sure to change the fitted sheet regularly to help catch and release some of the off-gassed odor.


5. Introduce house plants.

Aside from producing oxygen and beautifying your living space, house plants also absorb VOCs and provide excellent air filtration in your home.


6. Use baking soda.

Simply sprinkle baking soda over your mattress topper and allow it to sit for several hours. Vacuum up the baking soda after the appropriate time has elapsed.

House plants Mattress Topper Smell 

7. Use a bowl of vinegar.

Known for its cleaning properties, vinegar both masks and absorbs the scent of VOCs. Set a bowl of vinegar in the room with your new mattress topper for several hours.


8. Prevent your mattress topper from getting dirty.

Be sure to vacuum your mattress topper in order to remove any dust mites. Hand washing is best, as washing machines might deform and ruin your mattress topper.


9. Use an enzyme spray.

Buy a good enzyme cleaning spray known for eliminating chemical residue. Simply spray your mattress topper thoroughly with the enzyme spray and make sure the room is well aerated. The spray will carry away odor as it evaporates!


10. Spritz with vinegar.

Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz over the surface of your mattress topper. For an added boost, throw a strip of citrus peel into the vinegar and allow it to steep for several hours before spraying. After the vinegar has evaporated, pass the hose from your vacuum over the mattress topper to remove any residue. 


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