3 Activities That'll Make You Want to Stay in Bed all Weekend (and Not Feel Guilty)


3 Activities That'll Make You Want to Stay in Bed all Weekend (and Not Feel Guilty)

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Whaaaaaat, it’s possible to stay in bed all weekend without feeling guilty? You read that right. Staying in bed all day doesn’t have to equate to laziness. With many thanks to the wonderful existence of the internet, being productive from the comfort of your own bed is easier than ever. Here’s three ways to spend your weekend in bed, guilt-free guaranteed.

Stay in bed all weekend….learning something new!

Take a weekend off from the hustle and bustle and spend your time learning something new or improving a skill. You can learn a new language, pick up a new hobby, take an online course, or simply read up on a topic to gain some more knowledge. The internet is full of YouTube videos, blog posts, e-books, and more to get you started. Choose something you’ve always had interest in and commit the next 48 hours to it.

Stay in bed all shopping!

You can get SO much shopping done from your bedroom and in half the time, too, all without even having to put pants on. How much better can it get? Groceries? Check! New mattress? Check! Gift for your mom’s birthday that’s less than a week away? Check! If you have to buy it, you can surely find it on the internet. Some grocery chains will now not only shop for you, but deliver to your doorstep in as little as an hour. And praise the Lawd for Amazon - is there anything they don’t have?

No crowds, lines, or dealing with crummy customer service reps - just convenience, a whole variety of options to choose from, and tons of good deals to find.

Stay in bed all weekend...with your friends or significant other!

Now,  if you were spending your entire weekend snacking away and binging Netflix by yourself, THAT may be something to feel guilty about. But doing this with a loved one? That should be guilt-free! Whether it’s a significant other or BFF, it’s important to spend quality time together. Spending the day lounging in bed can actually be a fantastic way to bond and have some inexpensive fun (hopefully you have the best mattress!). You can catch up on your favorite shows, play video games or board games, crack open a couple of cold ones and order a pizza, and simply engage in good conversation. It’s moments like this that strong relationships are really built on.

And with that - SURPRISE! I’m giving you a fourth way to stay in bed all weekend...napping! Seriously. If your body is telling you it wants to rest after a long week or you haven’t been getting at least seven hours of sleep each night, take a nap. Of course, you shouldn’t be sleeping the whole day away as that could throw off your sleep schedule, but consider throwing in a nap between all that learning and shopping you’ll be doing.

See? Totally possible to stay in bed all day and be productive at the same time. But really though, let the haters hate. You should never feel guilty about spending a weekend in bed every once in a while - sometimes it’s just necessary.


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