Why Are You Waking Up Tired?
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Why Are You Waking Up Tired?


Why Are You Waking Up Tired?

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Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You’re not alone. It’s common to feel a bit sleepy when you first wake up. 

Yet, it’s not normal to wake up tired and feel groggy all day long. If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open on a regular basis, you should take a closer look at your sleep habits to find out what’s going on. To help you out, we’ve put together some typical reasons for waking up tired.  


Is it normal to wake up tired?


To a certain extent, waking up tired is normal. When we transition from sleep to wake, we experience sleep inertia. (You know, that intense feeling that you never want to get out of bed.) Most people take about 30-90 minutes to fully get over sleep inertia. 

However, if you’re still feeling fatigued during the day, this can’t be explained by sleep inertia. Instead, your quality of sleep may be at risk for different reasons. 


Reasons for waking up tired


1. You’re not getting enough sleep.

This may seem obvious, but if you’re regularly waking up tired you may not be getting enough sleep. You should be aiming for 7-9 hours a night, depending on your body clock. Sleep debt is a real phenomenon, so if you’ve been getting fewer hours than you need within the last two weeks, your body may still feel it.


2. Your sleep routine is inconsistent.

It’s important to fall asleep at about the same time every day, generally within a two-hour window. Otherwise you may feel the “social jet lag” of waking up at different hours. Try to keep it consistent and avoid late-afternoon naps that could jog you out of your routine. 


3. You’re drinking caffeine or alcohol too late in the day.

Caffeine and alcohol can make your sleep rocky. Avoid drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and alcohol in the late evening, so that you’re prepared for deeper sleep. 


4. You’re using too much tech before bed.


Using tech an hour before bed is a no-go if you want your beauty sleep. That’s because screens emit blue light, which is like “visual caffeine” to your brain. Create a sleep routine that isn’t screen-based, such as reading, listening to music or taking a bath. 


5. You have a sedentary lifestyle. 


Your body clock benefits from natural light and daily exercise. If your lifestyle is sedentary, you may not be giving your body the right signs to fall asleep. In addition, sedentary habits may lead to greater anxiety and stress. 


6. You suffer from a sleep disorder.


It’s also possible you have a sleep disorder if you’re waking up tired every day. If you’ve exhausted the other reasons, reach out to a sleep doctor to find out what’s keeping you from getting your z’s. Some sleep disorders that disrupt sleep include: sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, bruxism, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. 


7. Your bedroom isn’t comfortable. 


Your bedroom should be a soothing space, not a stressful one. Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and that the atmosphere is cool and quiet. If not, prep your bedroom with comfy pillows or a white noise machine to help you get better sleep.



Create better sleep habits with Polysleep

Waking up tired is usually fine, as long as you’re not fatigued during the day. To better recharge your batteries, try to create healthier sleep habits. In addition to following our tips above, you can turn your bedroom into a true comfort zone by getting a new mattress or pillow. Get back your energy during the day by choosing Polysleep. 



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